The Six Seeds of Surrender

As I listen to the chimes, responding to the whim of the winds, on my front porch, I am struck by how effortless it is to experience purpose, passion, and beauty if you are ready and willing to be moved with no outcome in mind. Yes, I realize there is a level of intent in the chime’s design. I also understand that there was thoughtful construction involved, as well as a choice of materials, a sense of proportion, and appreciation for the beauty that leaves it aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Yet, after all of that, it is a simple surrender to the forces of what’s present that brings its nature forth. If there is no wind, it lies silent, still and ready.

Whether a gust comes forth causing a cacophony of sounds or a gentle breeze whispers in, asking it to tingle lightly, it will respond with the perfect sound for the moment.

So these thoughts about a simple wind chime have me contemplating, once again, the idea of surrender and the everpresent opportunity to learn how to be more like the windchime on my front porch.

Seeds of Surrender


  • I feel sick and tired.
  • I feel exhausted.
  • I feel at the end of my rope.


  • I may not have all of the answers.
  • There may be another way.
  • What I am doing now is not working.


  • for change.
  • for something different.
  • for anywhere but here.


  • to wonder.
  • to broaden my perspective
  • to see the possibility of another way.


  • in something greater.
  • that I am not meant to suffer endlessly.
  • there is another way.
  • that I am loved
  • that I am safe.


  • myself enough to surrender.
  • my experience enough to surrender.
  • my life enough to surrender.

When we practice surrender over and over again, it continues to unfurl with a deepening and a longing for more.

New seeds drop into the fertile ground, sometimes with angst and sometimes with great ease. The only certainty is that they will drop.

Other seeds that have long past dropped, burst forth from the damp darkness that has been their home, with spindly newness.

As still, other seeds are full-on blossoming unabashedly for all to see.

Perhaps you remember a time when the seeds of surrender were present? Having feelings of desperation, hopelessness, and being at wits’ end are all indicators that surrender is dropping its calling card.

Perhaps you are experiencing a place of the spontaneous dropping of the seed, a place of humility with no angst at all, sprouting hope defiantly, and in pure vulnerability?

Perhaps you are feeling a seed of courage burst forth, using trust and love as the source to the light above?

Whatever your experience, you may notice that the journey within your garden has many ups and downs. The cycles of the seasons (sometimes a threatening prospect) will all be present a multitude of times. The invitation to surrender is limitless in nature.

At this point, I would like to offer the practice of staying in awareness of what is present as a strategy in your garden. Being present with what is will immediately give you the ability to recognize the hundreds and sometimes thousands of invitations to surrender that the garden of your life is gifting you each day. These calls from spirit are beckoning you to tend to your very own garden with hope, curiosity, and trust.

As we practice presence by tending, nurturing, and loving our garden, it becomes a healthy and alchemically rich environment, full of creativity, creation, and creator, all bringing forth the beauty that only our garden can yield. Our passion, purpose, and fullest version of life, navigate out of any darkness and into the light of who we are. The good news and what I love most is that there is no end to the unfolding of surrender and the gifts it has for our lives.

To explore what seeds may be present for you today, I invite you to use the Seeds of Surrender (Desperation, Humility, Hope, Courage, Trust, Love) to uncover what is present for you today.

  • Under each prompt, list any feelings and thoughts that are present.
  • For a week, journal daily on just the seeds that have present feelings and thoughts.
  • Stay aware of, and keep a diary of all of the ways in which creation is aiding you in surrender each day.
  • Check-in and give recognition by listing or writing about any shifts as your week unfolds.

I would love to hear how the above resonated for you and if you currently have a practice for surrendering that you would like to share.

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